"I hope never giving up on people isn't gonna be my downfall"
  • I wore my Mary Jane’s tank top today. I did it because you gave it to me and I needed to remember our good times. I thought about everything we’ve ever been through. We had so many good times.. Lovely times. I wore my Mary Jane’s tank top because you were my Peter Park, my hero and today was an important day for you. One of the most important days ever, I guess. I wore my Mary Jane’s tank top today because it made me happy, it made me realize that I’ll always love you in a way I’ll never love again. And even if I am apart from you, even though we are not together anymore, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for this. I wore our Mary Jane’s tank top for you today.

  • "Acreditar no amor já não faz mais sentido"
  • Pai celeste, mãe divina.

  • Espontânea! 😄

  • Fio por fio

    Você poderia ter tudo, você poderia ser único, você poderia ser o melhor. Mas você prefere viver pela metade, ter as coisas pela metade e fazer tudo pela metade. Mas eu cansei de ser meio termo. Eu quero ser inteiro.

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